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Three-effect External Circulation Concentrator


This equipment is suitable for the concentration of traditional Chinese medicine, western medicine, glucose, starch sugar, oral liquid, chemical industry, food, monosodium glutamate, dairy products and other materials.

System composition:

Each effect heater, each effect separator, condenser, feed pump, discharge pump, vacuum pump, condensate pump, electrical control cabinet, automatic control system and valve pipeline, etc.


1. The circulation speed of the natural circulation evaporation solution in the equipment is not large, generally less than 1 m / s. In order to prevent scaling and crystallization, the heating tube should be operated under complete immersion. This evaporator is suitable for the concentration of less fouling and less corrosive solutions. Its advantages are simple structure, easy manufacture and low power consumption.

2. The concentrator uses three-effect simultaneous evaporation, the secondary steam is reused, and the energy consumption is reduced by 70% compared with other concentrators.

3. Operating characteristics: It can be made into a paste at one time, with first effect of feeding, after the second effect, the third effect has been made into a paste once.

4. The concentrator has a special structure, and the concentrated material has a strong taste and a uniform paste. The material is concentrated in a sealed and non-foamed state, which is difficult to run away and reduce pollution. The material is concentrated on the same day, which is not easy to coke and easy to clean. Heater, evaporator outer insulation layer.

5. Equipped with automatic drainage device, the condensed water evaporated can be drained automatically.


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