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Structural composition of multifunctional dynamic extraction tank

The main body of the extraction tank includes an inner cylinder, a jacket layer, an insulation layer, a stirring device, lugs, a pneumatic slag discharge door, a pneumatic operating table, etc.; the insulation layer of the extraction tank uses rock wool as an insulation material.

The inner cylinder is made of high-quality SUS304/316L, the jacket is fully enclosed, and the outer cylinder is SUS304 matt thin steel plate. The tank is equipped with CIP cleaning automatic rotating spray cleaning ball head, temperature measuring hole, explosion-proof sight light, sight glass, quick-open feeding port, etc., to ensure easy operation and meet GMP medical standards. It has the characteristics of uniform solvent distribution and convenient slag discharge.

  According to the shape, the multifunctional dynamic extraction tank has various types such as straight cylinder type extraction tank, positive cone type extraction tank, inclined cone type extraction tank, mushroom type extraction tank and inverted cone type extraction tank.

  The complete set of extraction tank equipment consists of 1. Extraction tank; 2. Foam trap; 3. Gas-liquid separator; 4. Cooler; 5. Condenser; 6. Oil-water separator; device and internal connecting pipelines.

  Shunfu Enterprise undertakes the case of multi-functional extraction tanks , and has more than ten years of industry experience, with reliable and safe quality.


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