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MVR Falling Film Evaporator



Forced circulation evaporation crystallization system widely used, in the form of raw material liquid by the circulation pump with circular mother liquor to the heater for heating, and then enter the FC crystallizer, part of the crystal slurry discharge by the conical bottom of the mold, did not come in mother liquor by circular tube by circulating pump easily return to crystal room, cycle, continuous crystallization process.


This kind of crystallizer can enhance the heat transfer effect, is effective for high density, high viscosity solution, has a large production capacity, is suitable for the complex composition, the high salt wastewater evaporation crystallization treatment of the requirements of the salt granulation is not high.

MVR Falling Film Evaporator 0

MVR Falling Film Evaporator 1

MVR Falling Film Evaporator 2



◎ Loose requirements on the nature of materials, system operation flexibility;

◎ The mold adopts axial feeding mode to improve the crystallization effect;

◎ High flow rate in the heat exchange tube, improve the wall scaling phenomenon.



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