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Craft Beer Cans

Scope of use

Widely used for the storage, fermentation, and freezing of alcoholic beverages such as wine, fruit wine, beer, and other fluid beverages.

Structural features

1. The tank body is made of SUS304 sanitary grade stainless steel and formed by water welding. The surface welds of the tank are pickled and passivated, and a 50mm light band is thrown out. The surface welds of the tank body are polished and polished to meet food hygiene standards.

2. The upper and lower heads of the container should adopt a folded edge structure and be processed by cold spinning or cold molding.

3. Main accessories include upper manhole, lower manhole, agitator, Level sensor, respirator, sampling valve, sprinkler, cleaning device, valve, etc.

4. There are various specifications with a capacity of 5000L-200000 liters for you to choose from, and you can also design and produce according to the actual needs of customers.

technical parameter

Volume(L)DiameterThickness (mm)SectionHigh(mm)OutputStyle
50001600222440Φ51Cone top flat sloping bottom
100001900233660Φ51Cone top flat sloping bottom
150002250234825Φ51Vertical up and down cone
200002600233660Φ51Cone top flat sloping bottom


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