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About us

Who we are?

We are an industry equipment factory, we have many equipment series sold to the global market, our factory has over 1000 people team, we can quickly pay your need.

What equipment can we provide?

MVR forced circulation evaporator
MVR Falling Film Evaporator
Multi-effect evaporator – MEE evaporator
Evaporation Crystallizer
Fermentation Tank
Fermentation Pot
Single-Effect Alcohol Recovery Concentrator External Circulation Vacuum Concentrator
Craft beer cans
JS series high-effect alcohol distilling tower
Vacuum Pressure Reduction Concentration Tank
Engineering equipment pipeline installation

Our mention

We want to become an industry equipment leader, and selling our products to many who have equipment needs country is our best success, take the best paid delivery experience is our struggle direction. Make the equipment sell become more and more convenient, accelerate the products project time quickly send products to our customer’s hands.

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